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Welcome to the new and improved Rabid Lilliputians web site. As you know, the Lilliputians are the most successful and storied of all Halo clans, and as such we decided that we deserved an updated site. Take a look around and familiarize yourself with the layout of the place and the new features we’ve added.  To help you out here is a list of additions we’ve made:

Rabid Ravings: A weekly column written by our fearless leader stan.

Well, there it is, I hope these new changes  aren’t too overwhelming.


BETTER NEWS!                                                                                                           Posted by stan, October 26th, 9:04pm

We know that we had mentioned a few days ago that our fearless leader stan would not be able to purchase Halo the Deuce when it is released, and thus the Glorious return of the Lilliputians would be delayed. However, things have changed in the last few days and thanks to a rather timely cell-phone rebate check stan was able to pre-order Halo 2: Limited Edition at his local EBX. So, never fear, the Lilliputians will be all up in the mix come November the 9th.

However! We are still looking for more members to augment our already impressive roster. Check this out to see what things are all about ‘round here.

GOOD NEWS!                                                                                                               Posted by stan, October 26th, 6:54pm

We’ve added the history of the Lilliputians to our About Us page, it’s quite a read go check it out.

BAD NEWS!                                                                                                                    Posted by stan, October 24th, 8:03pm

Due to the fact that the Lilliputians fearless leader, stan, is dead broke (and we mean it, the boy has no money) it looks like the Lilliputians will be making a later than expected entry into the Halo 2 foray.  At this time it is unclear when stan will be able to pick up the game.  It’s a damn shame we know, and we’d like to apologize to all our new members and devotees, but the Lilliputians just can’t start without stan; it’d be unfair.

NEWS NEWS!                                                                                                             Posted by stan, October 10th, 11:46 PM

With Halo 2 less than a month distant we are currently recruiting new members for the Lilliputians.  For information check here.