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The Legend of stan

     One day as the sun rose over the mountains and shed its light on the plain below; stan stood behind the counter of the Great Market and sold his goods to the White Man.  For many moons he had worked at the Market and had now grown weary of his job. The Chief of the Market, Chief Stick Up Ass was not a nice man and many times grew angry at stan for no reason. Due to these circumstances, after the sun had reached it’s highest point of the day and stan had eaten his mid-day meal, he was very upset to be called into office by Chief Stick Up Ass.  The Chief spoke first as stan entered the room and sat down, “stan, we here at the Great Pine Market And Sundry are concerned with your performance. We do not feel that you have given everything you have got to your work, and are afraid that we must let you go as a consequence.”

     As the Chief spoke, stan became red with anger as if he had just drunk a full bladder of firewater, and would have spoken nasty words to the chief had the Spirit of the Lamb not come and calmed him with reassuring words and sent him home.  When he reached his home, stan was still very angry with Chief Stick Up Ass and decided to smoke some of the spirit herb from his great spirit pipe. After he had smoked his spirit pipe, he was suddenly taken by a deep, deep weariness and was soon asleep. While asleep he had a vision in which he was visited by the Great Spirit of the Eagle. Spirit of the Eagle spoke to stan saying, “stan, you have forgotten your ancestors. Your great, great grandfather’s uncle on your mother’s side was one quarter Wachkata Indian. That makes you 1/24th Wachkata and thus the laws of the white man do not apply to you.  stan, your people need you.  They grow poorer every day on the Reservation ignorant of the possibilities afforded them by the flaws in the White Man’s law. You must help them by taking from the White Man what he owes your people.  Go now, when you awake, to the Great Hall of Records and find your destiny.  If you become lost or confused, you will find an old man who can be of great assistance. Ask the old man to tell you the tale of State Ordinance 170b Article 14, Subsection D.  Therein lies your destiny, and the salvation of your people. Remember, the Spirit of the Eagle watches over you and your people. You will see a sign that will reassure you of this fact.  Go now my son, the Great Spirits are with you.”

     stan soon awoke with the vision fresh in his mind. The sun had now fallen into the sea, to be replaced by the moon as stan went out to the Great Hall of Records which was located at the Office of the County Assessor.  As he entered the Hall he saw a very old man sitting behind a counter fast asleep, just as the Spirit had told him.  He awoke the man, and said to him “I am a Wachkata Indian and I have been told to inquire here about State Ordinance 170b Article 14, Subsection D.”

     The old man replied “Ah yes, it is an ordinance I know well.  Have a seat young man, I shall tell you the story.” And so began this tale:

     “It all began in the early days of this nation of ours, when the leaders of the country under the pretense of Manifest Destiny set out to clear the land of the Native people so that they could have room for their own expansion. However, as they did so they set aside land on which the Natives could live as a sovereign people free to go on as they had before the arrival of the Europeans.  And so they lived, those that survived the death and destruction brought by the Europeans, as close to their old traditions as they could in the limited space offered them far from their traditional lands; save one tradition which had been denied them by the government of the White Man. However this all changed in 1981 when a great Chief, Chief House Stands On 17, petitioned the state congress to allow the Natives to once again practice that tradition that had been denied them for so long. We now call this tradition ‘Gaming’ and thanks to the intense lobbying by Chief House Stands On 17 the legislature passed a law allowing Gaming on Indian Reservations. Once the bill was passed it became known as State Ordinance 170B.  The Article you referred to sets guidelines on exactly who can own and operate casinos and where they can be operated.  Subsection D states that any person possessing at least 1/24th Native blood is considered a Native American and can operate such an establishment. That is the tale of State Ordinance 170b, Article 14, Subsection D.”

     As the old man finished his story, stan immediately grasped the plan that Spirit of the Eagle had for him.  He thanked the old man, and journeyed at once to the local branch of the State Department and sought out the office of the Bureau of Indian Affairs.  He returned there every day for half the cycle of the moon, and learned all that he could about the Wachkata people, the location of their reservations, and the history of their chiefs.  He learned that the ancestor the Great Eagle had spoken of was once Chief of the Wachkata people, and on further investigation, he found that he was the closest surviving heir in that bloodline.  To his great delight this made him the current Chief of the Wachkata people.

     After he had finished his research on the Wachkata and the affairs of his people, he set out to learn all that he could about the Gaming industry.  He rented Casino, and bought the biography of Bugsy Siegel as well as Robem the White Man Blind With Him Own Laws the biography of Chief House Stands On 17.  Armed with this knowledge, and the financial backing of a local Wachkata business man, stan set out for the land of his people. 

     The sun was once again at its highest point; its intense heat baking the dry valley in which stan found himself as he arrived on the Wachkata reservation. As he journeyed through the land he saw a place of broken down homes, trailer parks, and strip malls.  He was much saddened by the state of his people and hoped that he could help them. He stopped at one of these strip malls to take his mid-day meal and noticed a sign for the “Great Eagle Card House”.  He immediately recognized the omen that Spirit of Eagle had predicted he would find, and had soon bartered a deal to buy the card house, as well as the surrounding shops for a price of 20,000 of the White Man’s dollars.

     The card house was in great disrepair, and stan spent a full two moons renovating the entire mall.  Using the money he had borrowed from the Wachkata business man, he soon had turned the strip mall into a modest sized casino.  He spent another two moons promoting the opening of his casino, as well as staffing the Great establishment. He was soon ready to open, and finally, nearly nine moons after the Great Spirit of the Eagle had first visited him, he was ready to do so. 

     The great moon passed through its cycles four times and found the Casino in a bad state. Due to poor advertising and lack of good access, the Casino was hardly breaking even and stan was having difficulty satisfying his investors or even retaining his employees as morale was quite low. Many times he considered giving the whole endeavor up, and would have had not the Great Spirit of the Eagle come to him and reassured him that things would soon become better and that his people needed him now more than ever. Every night, after taking the daily totals and closing out the books, stan went home to his spirit pipe and consulted the Great Eagle. Eagle had many ideas to reinvigorate the casino, and stan often based his decisions on the advice that Eagle gave him. When things were looking their worst, Eagle suggested in a vision that stan find funding for a highway interchange that would bring people from the Great City straight to the Casino, as well as a shuttle bus service that would run hourly to and from the Great City.  stan soon found funding for these undertakings and by the start of the harvest, traffic was up 400 percent and the Casino was beginning to show a large net profit.  All the while the Great Eagle continued to advise stan on additions to the Casino that would raise its profits and further help the Wachkata people, who, as they were not forced to pay taxes to the government of the White Man, were making much money from the casino.

     The seasons came and went, and the Casino continued to prosper. It was now ten years after the Great Spirit of the Eagle had first visited stan and he was ready to hold his annual Luncheon and Pool Party for the Board of Directors.  As the sun began its descent into the glistening sea, the members of the Board gathered around on the 9th Fairway of the new PGA Tournament level golf course; much as their ancestors had gathered on the plains before the great buffalo hunt. Now however, they awaited not the buffalo, but their Chief and casino President, stan, who was known to his people as Chief Son Of Eagle. They did not wait long as stan soon arrived astride a great white horse dressed as all Wachkata people now did:  Armani suit, Dulce & Gabbana shoes, Prada Tie and in stan’s case, traditional Wachkata Chieftain headdress. As he surveyed the members of the board and behind them the casino which he had created with the help of the Great Eagle, stan was filled with pride.  In this condition he addressed his board:

     “Members of the Board, the Spirit of the Eagle has endowed our Casino with great prosperity.  What began as a dream is now a multi-million dollar reality. Many moons ago the Great Eagle came to me in a vision and reminded me of my duty to my people and showed me the path that I was to take in helping them. I remember when we first opened; we ran only 20 slots and had only one poker table. However, Spirit of the Eagle has blessed us with such success that we now operate over 15,000 slots, 115 gaming tables including a recent addition of 20 craps tables, an immensely successful high-roller room, and the largest poker room in the whole state. Thanks to the consul of the Great Eagle we have added a 1,400 room guest resort as well as this magnificent 18 hole golf course upon which we stand.  Also, in three moons we will be opening a full amusement park featuring 20 roller coasters and a total of 74 rides.  The Wachkata people have finally received what was due them, all thanks to our long tradition of gaming. Let us now thank the White Man for creating such loop holes in his laws to allow us this prosperity and most of all let us thank the Great Spirit of the Eagle for always caring for our people.  Congratulations gentleman on such a great success.”

     And so, guided by the Spirit of the Great Eagle, stan was able to fulfill the dreams of his people with a tax-free high-profit resort and casino.